The Effects of Radiation on Cancer

Topics: Prostate cancer, Cancer, X-ray Pages: 1 (335 words) Published: May 3, 2013
The Effects of Radiation on Cancer
There are both negative and positive effects of radiation on cancer. Scientists have discovered that radiation can lessen or increase the chance of obtaining cancer. Radio therapy is a treatment for cancer in which X-rays employ controlled exposure to radiation. Radiation also can save lives. The negative effects on humans are that if over exposed to it, it can cause migraines, seizures, and ultimately, death. Firstly, external beam radiation therapy used on tumors in the prostrate gland can prevent the spread of prostate cancer. Cancer can be treated using radiation therapy to shrink tumors if surgery is not a viable option. “Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) computed tomography (CT scans) and ultrasonography are diagnostic tools that use radiation” ( Although there are many positive effects there are just as many negative effects. One of the most dramatic examples of the effect of radiation can be seen with the sun. Without the sun there would not be any life on earth. The sun emits radiation that can ultimately lead to skin cancer, and perhaps, death. Radiation therapy is used to stop the growth of cancer cells. High-energy beams are aimed at the location where the cancer is found and it serves to disrupt the DNA in the cells, which stops them from reproducing. Unlike normal cells in the body, cancer cells do not have the capacity to heal themselves. Unfortunately, many healthy cells get radiated by the treatments and this can cause problems. Radiation can damage the lungs and affect breathing. Although there are many different scenarios that can lead either to negative or positive results, most of them lead to negative. The negative results can be prevented by being cautious. So in conclusion, radiation is a friend and a foe. There has to be a boundary on how much exposure there is, although negative results are more common, positive results still exist. Cancer has not yet found a cure but radiation is the...
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