The Effects of Racial Profiling in New York Public Schools

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  • Published : April 3, 2011
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The affects racial profiling has on student’s performance in New York public schools. Abstract:
The purpose of this is study see if racial profiling has an affects on students performance and what race of students it affects the most. The public education policies, procedures and practices that actually compound racial inequalities by profiling students off color and diverting resources away from proven solutions that advance academic excellence and their zero tolerance policy. Also this study will conduct research not only on the student in New York Public schools but also teachers of West Indian culture to see if they contribute to racial profiling of African American students.

1. Are African American student’s more likely to experience racial profiling in school than whites? 2. What has school personnel done in response to racial profiling? 3. Is there evidence that racial profiling exist in the New York public school districts? 4. What does racial profiling mean in the context of public education? 5. Does the student’s ethnicity determine the student’s education and performance by his/ her teacher?

Statement of the problem.

West Indian teachers sometimes identify strongly as West Indian in opposition to negative stereotypes of African Americans, possibly to the detriment of their African American students. Hence, although recruiting teachers of color to serve our increasingly diverse school population is important, teacher training must also spend time on diversity training and developing intercultural understandings.

Purpose(s) of the study.
This study is going to determine if racial profiling exist in all of New York, City public school and what students are being affected the most. If a teacher is African American will that help African American students achieve their higher standers in school?

Research questions and/or hypotheses.
Is it true that same-race teachers better connect with their students, and that the better a...
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