The Effects of Play on Children

Topics: Game, Play, Toy Pages: 2 (624 words) Published: December 9, 2012
Name and Surname: Eren Kuşhan
Date: 07.03.2012
Assignment: Effect Analysis Essay (The Effects of Play on Children)

Who are the happiest people of the world? The answer is here: Children, who have not grown yet. According to them, the world is a heaven to play with everything. How can a human being distress in a heaven like this? No more troubles, no more responsibilities, no more money, and no more food is there. The several things which make kids’ minds busy are games and toys; however, it is not a problem or insaneness. It is the rule of the universe, children are created to play. That is why; this cruel world wants to prepare them. In other words, the best preparation for life is play which benefits a child mentally and emotionally.

The mental effects of play are very significant for a child’s growth. The brain evolution is high in play era so that it must be worked to catch the adulthood intelligence level. Some surveys indicate that development of language skills starts in 3 months after birth and finishes at 6-7 ages. Due to this, in this period, to talk must be a common activity, which improves language skills. No need to worry, play is a major key to open the mouth’s lock, as to play needs interaction, shaping the language skills. Children learn new structures and new words from their friends and teach them. It is not all. Play, also, contributes to kids’ perception of the objects. It introduces children to an adventurous world, there are a lot of unknown objects, unknown colors. For instance, playing puzzles make the brain work hard. Finding the suitable puzzle from a large quantity of puzzles is one of the fundamental IQ test types, expressing the importance of them. Simultaneously, puzzles teach children new objects, perhaps new colors. In addition to this, puzzles make adults of the future patient which has always been a crucial characteristic feature. Furthermore, building blocks, known as legos, are one of...
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