The Effects of Ph on Mung Beans

Topics: PH, Acid, PH indicator Pages: 4 (1464 words) Published: November 22, 2010
The effects of pH on mung beans

Gloria Cheng
Winsy Cheung
Lily Wong
Christine Yen

January 15, 1998

This experiment explores how different pH environments affect the growth of mung beans. The mung beans were grown in water with various pH levels, consisted of pH levels 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9. A replicated design was used consisting of 3 runs for each pH level. The following results are listed in order of pH levels allowing most growth to least growth of the mung beans: 7, 8, 6, 5, and 9. These results show that pH 7 allows the most growth. Also, pH 7 happens to be the pH level of water.

For the growth of all plants, specific levels of pH in the soil and in the plants themselves are important. These levels of pH affect the growth of the plants. In many cases, it is best for plants to have an acidity somewhere between pH 6.0 to pH 7.5 [1]. Plants cannot grow without nutrients. When the plants are placed in an acidic environment, there is not enough nutrients for the plants because hydrogen ions remove the other positively charged ions from the environments where the plants are in. These mineral ions, which the plants need, leach out of the soil [2]. So, when a plant is planted in extremely acidic soil, the plant does not have enough nutrients to grow. If the soil pH is too high, the iron in soil precipitates out. The nutrients that the plants obtain are determined by the acidity of the soil. However, in this study, the pH level for optimal growth of mung beans was never included. This experiment was chosen because one of our group members has a garden in her backyard. Her family would like to grow vegetables and other plants there. They want to know what pH solution is best suited for the growth of mung beans. They also want to know whether the pH level in their soil is suitable for the growth of mung beans. The purpose of this experiment was to find out how the pH affects the growth of mung beans. We wanted to see which pH...
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