The Effects of Ph in Beano

Topics: PH, Buffer solution, Acid dissociation constant Pages: 2 (466 words) Published: February 21, 2012
The Effects of pH in Beano

The enzyme my experiment was conducted from was Beano. Beano is a dietary supplement which is used to reduce gas in the digestive system and is enzyme based. The question that my group was trying to answer is “At what pH is Beano most effective?” Our hypothesis was “If Beano solution is placed in the 6 pH buffer, than it will work more efficiently.”

Methods and Materials:
Two Beano tablets were grinded into a fine powder and then 10ml of water was added. This is the Beano solution. 2.0ml of pea juice were placed in six different test tubes. Using a 5ml pipette 1ml of 6 buffers at a different pH was added into each test tube. In test tube 1, 1ml of buffer at pH 2 was added. In test tube 2, 1ml of buffer at pH 4 was added. In test tube 3, 1ml of buffer at pH 6 was added. In test tube 4, 1ml of buffer at pH 8 was added. In test tube 5, 1ml of buffer at pH10 was added, and in test tube 6, 1ml of buffer at pH 12 was added. The test tubes were then mixed. After they were mixed a glucose strip was used for each of the test tubes to measure the level of glucose in the solution. After measuring the levels of glucose in each test tube 1.5ml of the Beano solution was put in each of the six test tubes. This solution was mixed every minute for 10 minutes and then using the glucose strips to measure the new glucose level in each.

glucose levelInitial readingFinal reading
pH 2negneg
pH 4100100
pH 6100250
pH 8100250
pH 10100250
pH 12100250

The graph above shows the effect of pH levels on Beano with pH ranging from 2 through 12. The initial start of the pH level was negative and then increased to 250 as the final pH level. pH 4 remained the same and the last 4 test tubes which consisted of pH 6, pH 8, pH 10, and pH 12 started off at 100 and ended at 250.

The hypothesis was, If Beano solution is placed in the 6 pH buffer, than it will work more effectively. The result of the...
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