The Effects of Personal and Environmental Factors on the Life Satisfaction of Elderly People in Two Ethnic Groups

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  • Published : August 15, 2012
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Section A (Biographical Questionnaire)

Table 1

Biographical information of elderly persons

|Research participant |Age |Gender |Marital status |Occupation before |Health | | | | | |retirement | | |2 |3 |3 |Yes |5 |Yes |

Table 3
Biographical information about elderly persons’ friends

|Research participant |Number of friends |Has an intimate friend? |How often does elderly person feel | | | | |lonely? | |1 |1-5 |Ja |Soms | |2 |More than 21 |Yes |Never |


Both research participants live alone. The first research participant was married for 53 years. She still lives in the same home where she lived when her husband was alive. The second research participant is divorced and lives in a new home.

Both research participants own the house where they stay. The first research participant lives in a town near a city, whereas the second lives in a suburb in a city. This might be because of the age difference or merely personal preference, that my first research participant prefers a quieter atmosphere whereas my second research participant also does not live in the city center itself, but close enough to a city that he is still able to drive there if need be.

Safety is of high importance to both research participants. They both chose a home that is in a safe environment...
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