The Effects of Online News Publication to Printed Newspapers

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Effects of Online News Publication to Printed Newspaper

A Term Paper
Presented to
Mrs. Lynnie Ann Deocampo
Department of English

In Partial Fulfilment of the Requirements for
English 2 (Writing in the Discipline)
Second Semester, SY 2011-2012


Lynrose Jane D. Genon
AB-English I- B1-1

March 23, 2012

Topic: The Effects of Online News Publication to Printed Newspapers Thesis Statement: Online news publication creates wider and accessible information for the world resulting in the decline of readership, ads and circulation of the printed newspapers.

Question: What are the effects of Online News Publication to Printed Newspapers?
Outline to the Body of the Paper
I. The advantages that online news publication has to offer in the world A. Accessible news and information
1. Expanding audience of online news and information
a. Accessible search engines online
b. Easier data searching online
c. More convenient online access to news and information anywhere 2. Growing number of news and information sources online a. More blogs posted online
b. More archives made available online
c. More visually entertaining news and information published online B. Wider reach of news and information
1. Trending internet use around the world
2. Increasing popularity level of online publishing
II. The various declines faced by the printed newspapers caused by online news publication A. Decline of Readership
1. Change of readership habits
2. Technological shifts
B. Decline of Advertising Ads
1. Financial crisis
2. High rates
C. Decline of Circulation
1. New media audience
2. New models of information dissemination

Newspapers plays a vital role in the community for years; it does much of society’s responsibility to inform and be informed, from flooding and war zones – covering every detail of the story — to risky and the life – threatening events in the community. This is beneficial to every citizen in the sense the work of print journalists is used by everyone from every family, school and other offices, added to that are the politicians to district attorneys to talk radio, hosts and even bloggers. Simply put, if you want to know what’s been happening around, go, and grab a newspaper. This is how essential printed newspapers are before but gone were those days, perhaps. This issue stands out in the media world as online news publication was given birth. “You’ll surely miss us when we’re gone”, it may sound ridiculous but this is the cry of newspaper industry now. Predictions were spilled out, newspapers’ death is knocking our door according to some, yet optimists argue that newspapers made a hard rock foundation in the world of media that nothing can make it into mere of history. But despite of that, online news publication threatens still the Newspapers’ existence, but how? This paper tries to assess the hard core reasons of the abrupt popularity and usage increase of this technology and its impact to the newspaper industry. According to a blogger, you cannot put something to trash without replacing with something better, others may say it’s fallacious to conclude this issue as parallel to this statement but this is actually the path where the online news publication is taking and is heading forward to.

With the aim to offer a more effective system in the world of information online news publication was made. This is one of high-technological functions of computers with the internet. It is better than our traditional way for it opens more doors to information in terms of accumulation and dissemination. Making information available to everyone, anytime in an easier and faster manner makes this a ‘wow’ to users. Before, it is hard for the news to cross seas and mountains, but with this with some clicks you will know what was happening in the world. It also makes news...
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