The Effects of Oil Spill

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The Effects of Oil Spill
After the oil spilled over, did people's life change? For sure, it affects a lot to human's lives. However, what are those effects? Three major places which are affected by oil spill are business marketing, people's health, and environment.

The first effect is the economic effect. The tourist season was killed because of the oil spill. The ocean which is full of oil is very unclear, and nobody wants to have a vacation at a place like this. The killed tourist season is just one of the questions. There is a bigger question which is about fishing. The fishermen who were fishing at Gulf of Mexico had to stop fishing. It was leading to seafood shortages and increasing the price of seafood. Oil spill made fishermen have to stay at home and cannot earn more money as before.

In addition to the environmental effect, the second effect of oil spill is healthy effect. People may sick because they eat seafood from the Gulf of Mexico. For instance, "My mother was sick because she ate local seafood." This is from an article which is called "On Alabama Coast, a Sense of Urgency" from The New York Times. People have to take care of their health in case of eating some food coated by oil.

The last also biggest effect is environmental effect. According to the article "Deep Underwater, Oil Threatens Reefs" which is written by John Collins Rudolf from The New York Times, it states that corals are covered by oil and oxygen decreases a lot. Those environmental problems will affect more problems which seem like some one-by-one links.

To sum up, oil spill has several effects in people's daily life. Those effects have changed people's life at economy, health, and environment aspects. Therefore, if an event makes mistake, people need to really think about the effects that may happen in the future and be careful to skip mistakes.
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