The Effects of Notes Habit on Academic Performance

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GOVERNMENT OF INDIA, MINISTRY OF EXTERNAL AFFAIRS PASSPORT APPLICATION FORM Please read the Passport Instruction Booklet carefully before filling the form. Fill this form in CAPITAL LETTERS using blue/ black ink ball point pen only. Furnishing of incorrect information/ suppression of information would lead to rejection of the application and would attract penal provisions as prescribed under the Passports Act, 1967. Please produce your original documents at the time of submission of the form.

1. Service Required 1.1 Applying for Fresh Passport Re-issue of Passport Exhaustion of Pages Lost Passport Damaged Passport 1.2 If re-issue, specify reason(s) Validity Expired within 3 years/ Due to Expire Validity Expired more than 3 years ago Change in Existing Personal Particulars Appearance Surname Address Signature Date of Birth Delete ECR Given Name Spouse Name Others, Please specify

Please paste your unsigned recent colour photograph with white background of size 4.5cm X 3.5cm. [Not needed for applicants submitting the application at Passport Seva Kendra]

1.3 If change in existing personal particulars, specify reason(s)

Signature/ Left Hand Thumb Impression of Illiterate Applicant and Minors who cannot sign.

1.4 Type of Application 1.5 Type of Passport Booklet
(For minors between 15 and 18 years)

Normal 36 Pages 10 Years

Tatkaal 60 Pages Up to age 18

1.6 Validity Required

2. Applicant Details 2.1 Applicant's Given Name (Given Name means First name followed by Middle name (If any))(Initials not allowed)


2.2 Are you known by any other names (aliases)? If yes, provide details in Column 1 of Supplementary Form 2.3 Have you ever changed your name? If yes, provide details in Column 2 of Supplementary Form

Yes Yes

No No Page 1 of 6

2.4 Date of Birth (DD-MM-YYYY)



2.5 Place of Birth (Village or Town or City)

District (If born in India)

State/ UT (If born in India)

Country (If born abroad) If born before 15/08/1947 in a place now in Pakistan or Bangladesh, write "Undivided India"

2.6 Gender 2.7 Marital Status

Male Single

Female Married Birth Divorced Descent 2.10 Voter ID (If available) Widow/ Widower Separated Registration/ Naturalization

2.8 Citizenship of India by 2.9 PAN (If available)

2.11 Employment Type PSU Private Others Government Homemaker Statutory Body Not Employed Retired Government Servant Retired-Private Service Self Employed Student

Owners, Partners & Directors of companies which are members of CII, FICCI & ASSOCHAM

2.12 If employed in Government/ Statutory Body/ PSU, specify organization name

2.13 Is either of your parent (in case of minor)/ spouse, a government servant? 2.14 Educational Qualification 5th pass or less 10th pass and above Between 6th and 9th Standard Graduate and above Yes



2.15 Are you eligible for Non-ECR category? 2.16 Visible Distinguishing Mark

No For details, see Column 2.15, section B of Instruction Booklet

3. Family Details Page 2 of 6

3.1 Father's Given Name (Given Name means First name followed by Middle name (If any)) (Initials not allowed)


3.2 Mother's Given Name (Given Name means First name followed by Middle name (If any)) (Initials not allowed)


3.3 Legal Guardian's Given Name (If applicable) (Initials not allowed)


3.4 Spouse's Given Name (Given Name means First name followed by Middle name (If any)) (Initials not allowed)


3.5 If applicant is minor, provide following details Parent's Passport Details (If passport has been applied for but not received, give File Number) Father/ Legal Guardian's File/ Passport Number Father/ Legal Guardian's Nationality, if not Indian

Mother/ Legal Guardian's File/ Passport Number

Mother/ Legal Guardian's Nationality, if not Indian

4. Present Residential Address Details (Where applicant presently resides) 4.1 Residing Since (MM-YYYY) If you...
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