The Effects of Methamphetamine Abuse Beyond the User

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  • Published : April 26, 2013
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The Effects Of Methamphetamine Abuse Beyond The User
Shandi Ibarra
Angelina College at Lufkin, Texas

Methamphetamine abuse is a global problem in the world today. Methamphetamine abuse impacts many lives and is felt beyond the individual user. This research paper focuses on the many people affected by methamphetamine abuse. Sometimes people overlook or may not realize the effect methamphetamine use has on such a variety of people. The drug methamphetamine does not discriminate on whom it affects. Methamphetamine affects communities as well as children. The viscous cycle that methamphetamine produces will continue unless people are made aware of the drug’s effects that extends beyond the individual user.

Shandi Ibarra
English 1301
Ms. Osburn
24, April 2013

The Effects of Methamphetamine Abuse Beyond The User

Every year, methamphetamine abuse impact families around the world. The effects of methamphetamine abuse are felt beyond the individual user. Methamphetamine often results in devastating consequences for families and communities. Methamphetamine is an extremely addictive central nervous system stimulant. Methamphetamine also known as meth, is made from common household chemicals. Meth is a man-made drug and the manufacturing process of the drug can occur anywhere. Meth labs have been found in homes, cars, hotels, and many other locations. These environments expose children and communities to the dangers of meth production. Sometimes people overlook the fact that methamphetamine hurts not only individuals but families, children, neighborhoods, and entire communities as well. The production of meth involves many chemicals that are toxic. The toxic chemicals used to produce methamphetamine are a hazard to all who come in contact with them when they are released into the air, septic systems, streams, soil or air vents and all sections of a home or apartment. (as cited in Holton, 2001, p. A576). According to...
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