The Effects of Media on Culture

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The Effects of Media on Culture and the Youth

The Effects of Media on Culture and the Youth
As parents, teachers, clergy and concerned onlookers, we have all watched the medias effects on society and our youth. The images that are displayed show a perfect person with a two inch waist or cigarette ads with happy smiling people. The media shows violence in the reality shows that have broken the boundaries between the right ways to present one’s self in public. They also perpetuate violence against one another. Our culture gets real time information that may not always be accurate. There is also a plethora of information pushed down daily through all forms of media. The youth are being negatively impacted by the media through the various ads that advertise sexuality, cigarettes and alcohol; we must bring Christ back to the forefront. Beliefs, aesthetics and institutions of a civilization are included in our way of life and defined as Culture. We would be lying if we didn't admit that media is not an influential entity in our culture considering today’s way of life (Manohar). There are so many forms of media, the television, computer and smart phones. Almost everyone you would encounter on a daily basis has some sort of media. One can read magazines on their smartphone along with Facebook and Twitter. Kathy D states, “In my opinion, the media has a strong influence on society, both negatively and positively. How could it not have an influence, even if it's to provoke thought? The media is all around us and what surrounds us will have an effect in some manner.” Parents have to figure out how to incorporate other activities in their children’s lives and incorporate less time being influenced by media. In 1999, a Kaiser Family Foundation report revealed that children between the ages of 2 to 18 spend an average of 5.5 hours a day watching television, playing video games, surfing the Web or using other media (Clay). There are many...
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