The Effects of Mass Media

Topics: Media, Mass media, Marshall McLuhan Pages: 2 (641 words) Published: March 2, 2013
The Effects of Mass Media

Tyrah L. McGrue


Februrary 11, 2013
Instructor: Brandale Mills

The Effects of Mass Media

Media can have both a positive and negative effect on how we as humans view certain issues and icons even the president. Media can also be very misleading as well as miss-informative; reporters do not always state facts. One way to get an understanding of the impact of the media is to do your own research before repeating what you may have seen, heard, or read make sure that there are facts to back up whatever has be broad casted or written. Culture ties people to their society by including shared and contested values, mass media assists in the circulation of those values. In today’s time media has made huge influences in the way that society perceives what goes on in the community around them. Society today depends on media a great deal to keep updated on the current events, such the presidential debates, electoral news, sports, celebrities, weather, local, world, and state news as well as the upcoming events in the community. We should be advised that not all information provided by the media is completely accurate, as stated earlier one must do their own investigation to see exactly what the true facts are and what is false or rumors. Society allows the opinions and the tone of the media and its affiliates influence how they feel and how they will respond to what is happening in the community. Media includes but is not limited to, blogging tweeting, news stations, as well as radio stations, magazines, newspapers, books and the weather channel. When trying to get an understanding of what type of impact media may have in our daily living, one must investigate the context media may be operating in. Some may associate the culture of media as an art, because of its uniquely creative expressions and standards toward what is real, appropriate, and gorgeous. The whole entire point is to...
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