The Effects of Marijuana on Problem Solving Ability

Topics: Problem solving, Mathematics, Statistics Pages: 2 (560 words) Published: April 7, 2013
Research Design (Assignment 2)
I will be conducting a study using a true experimental research design in order to investigate the effects of marijuana use on an individual’s problem solving ability. Marijuana use is the independent variable which is operationally defined as consumption in the form of smoking 0.5 grams of cannabis in a marijuana cigarette. Problem solving abilities is the dependent variable which is operationally defined as the total score on various math problems as well as time taken to complete said math problems. Scores on the math test can range from 0 to 100. 40 participants, 20 males and 20 females all of whom are 18 year old Freshmen taking Math 131 at Pasadena City College, will be utilized in this study. 10 males and 10 females will be randomly assigned to group A and will all smoke marijuana, while 10 males and 10 females will be randomly assigned to group B and will not smoke marijuana. In order to ensure that every participant in group A is affected by the marijuana equally, only students that consent to a drug test prior to the study and are found to have no traces of THC present in their blood will be eligible to participate in the study. This will ensure that all participants in group A are affected by marijuana equally by eliminating the possibility of one participant having a higher tolerance than another. In order to eliminate all possible plausible alternative explanations for the relationship observed between marijuana use and problem solving abilities, all aspects of the environment will be controlled. Each member of group A will consume 0.5 grams of marijuana collectively within the same environment and then be led into a singular room where the math test will be administered. Likewise, each member of group B will be led into a separate but identical room where they will be administered the same test. The math test will consist of intermediate level arithmetic such as equations containing decimals, fractions, and algebra....
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