The Effects of Long Term Unemployment

Topics: Unemployment, Jobless recovery, Economics Pages: 2 (705 words) Published: March 8, 2013
The effects of long term unemployment

The effects of unemployment can be staggering from the initial job loss. Loss of employment means a loss of many things: Loss of confidence, loss of pride, loss of self- worth, loss of contacts with colleagues, loss of skills staying hones and staying in the loop, loss of home or vehicle, loss of insurance, loss of health, loss of input into the community, loss of revenue to community, loss of tax being placed back into system. When coupled with the fact that many are over forty years old, they know that the longer they are out of work the less marketable they will be. Loss of confidence, pride and self –worth is normal when you find yourself without employment. Stress of how to pay bills, where to gain new employment, contemplating learning new skills or a new trade and realizing the bank account is not equipped to handle this dilemma become an immediate and nagging thought process for the mind. Stress being as powerful as it is starts to wear on the body. There is no insurance so symptoms get ignored and health problems ensue. When employees do not have daily contact with your colleagues and you are not doing the daily tasks that keep your mind honed, your slip out of the proverbial loop. Your colleagues keep you connected to the working world where word of mouth may help you land a position. When you are not employed there is a loss of tax and of revenue and charity to the community. You are purchasing less, you do not throw your change in the jar for the needy because now you are the needy. When people are not working there is no tax being pulled on you to put in the pot to keep everything moving. The problem is that we have too many that have been out of work for too long and

considerably less is being put in the put especially when you consider what is being taken out. Many of the unemployed are over forty years old. A lot of people are learning new skill and trades in order to become more...
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