The Effects of Living in the Ghetto

Topics: Posttraumatic stress disorder, Morality, Ethics Pages: 2 (628 words) Published: October 17, 2010
The Effects of Living in the Ghetto

As a child Felicia Lisa Morgan witness numerous of violent encounters with her family members. Family dinners would consist of her parents eating with guns next to their plates to defend themselves- against each other. These are just a few, of many tragedy young Lisa Morgan experienced. Being a product of a hostile environment can have a negative effect on her mental stability, humane morals and judgment of the content of one’s character. Growing up in the “ghetto” can take a toll on anyone and it took a toll Lisa Morgan. From the day she was born to the time she ended up in court she was surrounded by an inadequate environment. Her mother was a drug addict and had once set her father on fire. Lisa was raped at age twelve, and witnessed her parents eating dinner with guns next to their plates at age of seven. This could affect a child mentally, and it affected Lisa. Witnessing such events is not a healthy environment for a young child. “So perhaps it’s not too surprising that Morgan, as a teenager, committed six armed robberies and one intentional homicide in the space of 17 minutes in October 1991.”(Flaherty 223). According to Shellow defense, she believes that Lisa Morgan suffers from post traumatic stress disorder (PSTD) and other psychological ailments stemming from her lifelong exposure to violence.

Such exposure to violence could have lead Lisa Morgan to inhumane moral decision. As stated by, Kotlowitz , “Lisa Morgan went up to someone she didn’t know, stole a jacket from her, and then just blew her way.” (Flaherty 224). This is was inhumane, but this was the type of environment Lisa was raised in. When Lisa was eleven her mother put a knife to her throat and threatens to kill her. This type of action tells you what type of people surround her, her own mother did this to her. No matter what your child say or does too you at the age of eleven, a person let alone a parent had no right to threaten a child with a...
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