The Effects of Legalizing Marijuana

Topics: Want, Drug, Need Pages: 2 (656 words) Published: July 10, 2011
Lashanice Jones
Instructor Blissett
English Composition 1113, Section 1
23 June 2011
Cause Effect Essay
The Effects of legalizing Marijuana in the US
Americans have gone back and forth about whether to legalize marijuana or not, and in some states there are pharmacies that sell medicated marijuana to patients with glaucoma. In legalizing marijuana it will solve some of the US’s problems, but at the same time create a tremendous amount of newer ones.

One of the best things about legalizing marijuana is that it would put a lot of drug dealers out of business. No one would want to go to the drug dealers anymore. Everyone would want to go to the store and get it so they would know what they are getting. Everyone would also go to the store because it would be a variety of marijuana there. You would also be able to make just one stop and get everything you need, as far as cigars or rolling papers, whatever your preference. A lot of people would be broke and trying to find a new hustle. Drug dealers would have to find a new profession. In doing that it would also create a lot more problems.

Another effect is that marijuana would go up so there would be less people smoking. It would also make a lot of teens get off drugs. Some people however might go to less cheaper drugs that might be more harmful or addictive. The marijuana industry would see a tremendous drop on purchases. No one would have to worry about being around as much marijuana smoke. It would be fewer cases of lung cancer and second hand smoke, as far as marijuana smokers are concerned. In a way it would save some people’s lives.

Also in legalizing marijuana the U.S. would make a lot more money. They would be able to charge high process for the license to sell marijuana. They would also be able to sell the license to be able to grow it. The taxes on all of that alone would bring in a lot of money. The real estate market would also see an increase in property buying because...
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