The Effects of Italian Immigrants on Australia

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  • Published : September 8, 2012
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Italian Immigration Speech

Good Morning/afternoon class, for this assignment I have chosen the country and culture of Italy. In this presentation I will be explaining my information and findings of globalisation, and the influences of Italian immigrants on Australia’s cultural identity.

Italy is located in Western Europe, north of Mediterranean Sea, and bordered by France, Switzerland, Austria, and Slovenia. An Italian immigrant is someone who has come to the country to add to society for various reasons.

Some significant parts of Italian culture are food, religion and music. As an example, Australian vocabulary has been broadened by Italian culture, and Italy’s cultural identity is highly integrated into Australian society, as I will explain more in depth later. But before that, I will summarise the activity of Italian interaction with Australia throughout time. The birth of Italian contact with Australia initiated with James Matra and Antonio Ponto, who were aboard the ship ‘Endeavour’ with Captain James Cook on his discovery voyage in 1770. Later, Italian- Alessandro Malaspina, led a scientific voyage to the South Pacific on behalf of the Spanish navy, in 1793 landed at the British colony of Port Jackson, where two of the Italian artists on board captured what, at the time, was a harsh Australiean landscape. In the early 1800’s there were a small number of Italian convicts who had been unfortunate enough to be arrested by the British and transported to the penal colony in New South Wales. There was not much more Italian activity in Australia until the 1840’s, when Italian missionaries were sent to convert aboriginals to Christianity. One of the most significant revolutions in population of Australia started with the Victorian Gold Rush, in 1854 there was huge findings in Ballarat, which sparked something big for Australia’s population and culture. Specifically, this event attracted thousands of Italians to Australia, following with the first...
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