The Effects of Individualized Learning

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Teaching and learning now comes in different styles and forms. Educators are now experimenting on the new methods on teaching and learning which aim at improving the quality of education and the quality of citizens produced by the school.

As new styles and form of teaching arrive, it also comes with pros and cons, or in short, it has an advantages and disadvantages. Educators nowadays devote themselves on assessing the efficiency of these new styles in teaching and learning.

The modular method can be further subdivided as to modular self-paced instruction and modular cooperative learning. Both have different impact on learning concepts in all subject areas. The modular self-paced instruction is a kind of modular approach wherein the student studies all concepts written in the module by himself, by his own effort and by his own understanding. On the other hand, the modular cooperative learning is a kind of modular approach wherein the student studies with his peers, they get to ask one another on concepts which are not clear to them, and they get to share ideas with one another just like brainstorming.

Learning became more effective. It establishes a system of assessment other than marks or grade. Users study the modules in their own working environment. Users can study without disturbing the normal duties and responsibilities Modules can be administered to single use, small group.

Modules are flexible so that implementation can be made by a variety of patterns. It is more appropriate to mature students it enables the learner to have a control over his learning and accept greater responsibility for learning.

Modern method in teaching, help a lot where there is a centered classroom which is created by the teacher and accepted by the students. In modern method, students are aware of their learning process through computers. Thus with the help of the computers, teachers prepare their work in their thumb drive and present it to the class through slides show which is an easier way. Students can do their studying and their work all in the computers without depending 100% on their teacher in schools.

When we analyzing the modular method of teaching, we can understand that this is more effective, recent and more technology based teaching method in the present educational field. In recent years, the consent of modular curriculum has been under discussion in secondary schools. Modular approach provides more flexibility to distance teaching mode as well to learners.

The technological revolution which is taking place today makes it imperative that the

schools is taking place today makes it impossible that the schools give added emphasis to the

development of the pupil’s understanding and appreciation of mathematical procedure and

methods of reasoning. It is necessary that an ever-increasing proportion of the population be

given the opportunity to utilize mathematical procedure in order to analyze and comprehend the

complex situation that are constantly arising in the affairs of rapidly changing technological

society. Every learner needs to be given the opportunity to learn mathematics to the maximum

level of his ability in order to participate effectively in a culture which may be characterized as


It is an evident that mathematics is of crucial importance in one’s life lack of adequate

knowledge of simple mathematics may lead the individual to a tragic experience of being easily

short changed by many unscrupulous people.

Nowadays, observation and studies show the deficiency of elementary school pupils on

the basic of mathematical skills. Filipino children’s foundation of mathematics is found wanting

as shown in the results of the survey of outcomes of Elementary Education. The performance of

the grade 5 and grade 6 pupils in reading comprehension...
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