The Effects of Gun Control Law on Violent Crime Rates

Topics: Crime, United States, Gun politics in the United States Pages: 4 (1359 words) Published: April 25, 2013
The Effects of Gun Control Law on Violent Crime Rates
Emily JettCSCI N207Final Project12/8/2012

Abstract: This paper discusses the relationship between violent crime rates in each state as well as that state’s corresponding gun control laws. The data is presented to provide information pertaining to the theory that stricter gun laws prevent higher rates of violent crime. Violent crime statistics were taken from The United Crime Report document from the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s website, while statistics regarding gun control laws were taken from the Brady Campaign’s website. Violent crime rates per state were measured out of every 100,000 residents, and the gun control statistics were given on a scorecard where each state was evaluated fairly and equally and then given a number out of 100 to determine gun control strictness. When the data is compared per state, there is little evidence to show correlation between violent crime rates and gun control strictness. I have learned about the Brady Scorecard and find their measurement of gun control to be the best method to rank each of the fifty states based on strictness of gun laws. The Brady Scorecard grades strictness of gun control laws on a 100 point system. Each state is subjected to the same check list. The check list consists of seventeen categories. The seventeen categories, as well as the maximum points available to be awarded for the scorecard are as follows: Gun Dealer Regulations (12 Points), Limits on Bulk Purchases (5 Points), Record Retention (5 Points), Crime Gun Identification (10 Points), Report Lost/Stolen Guns (3 Points), Background Checks on all Gun Sales (17 Points), Permit to Purchase (21 Points), Ammunition Regulations (2 Points), Assault Weapons Ban (5 Points), Large Capacity Magazine Ban (5 Points), Child Safety Locks (5 Points), Child Access Prevention (2 Points), No Guns in Workplace (2 Points), No Guns on College Campuses (2 Points), Discretion When Issuing Permits (2...
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