The Effects of Filipino-Chinese Parenting

Topics: Culture, Philippines, Developmental psychology Pages: 1 (314 words) Published: February 24, 2013
The easiest way to train an individual is to begin at a very early period in order to shape the person. The family, most especially the parents are responsible for shaping a child’s personality. When a child grows up he or she can contribute to the welfare of the society, but if beliefs are clashing due to cultural differences, there can be hindrances to a successful parenting.

Parenting is such an important factor for the development of a child that is why problems encountered on the process can create a chain reaction which in the long run can affect a nation. As an example, the Philippines is a country with a diverse culture and one dominant nationality that has been in the country for centuries is the Chinese. If the Chinese-Filipinos have become a large part of the country’s population, the differences between two cultures can affect a child’s growth in different aspects such as behavior, way of thinking and many others.

The thesis of this paper is about the distinct child rearing practices of Chinese-Filipino families which hinder the child’s coping ability in family relationships. The objectives of this paper are to describe the Chinese-Filipino style of parenting in connection to their cultural orientation, explain why too much parental involvement can be a factor which can affect the child’s development, and analyze the negative effects of cultural differences among Chinese-Filipino children. The methodology to be used for this paper are secondary sources such as books, periodicals and articles from the world wide web.

This paper encourages the parents to understand the value of parenting, their ways of child rearing and its impact on the child’s development. This term paper is based on library research, analysis from secondary sources about parenting, child rearing, and analysis of the Chinese-Filipino way of parenting over the last two decades (1980’s-2000).
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