The Effects of Excessive Use of Facebook to the Study Habits of Bc25 Students of Suniversity

Topics: Facebook, MySpace, Social network service Pages: 3 (956 words) Published: October 12, 2011
Thesis: The study habits of BC25 students of Silliman University have worsened because of the u excessive use of Facebook. Introduction
I. Facebook
A. Definition
B. History
C. Purpose
II. Effects of Facebook
A. Positive
B. Negative
III. Arguments Against Excessive Use of Facebook
IV. Survey results with BC25 Students of Silliman University

The Effects f Excessive Use of Facebook to the Study Habits of BC25 students of Silliman University 10 years in the 21st Century and a lot of things have changed. The way people communicate with each other has changed drastically. With the introduction and popularity of the internet brought an even smaller world. People from miles away could easily talk to one another without the use of a pen and paper. Snail mails are only done for important documents and birthday, Christmas or Valentines cards. Telegraphs is an alien term for youngsters and nothing but a part of history. The most common thing used for communicating, especially those who are countries apart, is social networking sites. Text messaging is convenient but communicating through social networking sites is free and even more convenient with options such as wall posts and chatting. Social networking sites as such Myspace paved the way through one of the best creations of the decade, Facebook. Facebook is arguably the most popular networking website of today. Everyone from the young to the old is using Facebook, it as an efficient way of communicating and finding old friends. Apart from Facebook being a new and interesting way to interact with friends and family, there is a lot more things to do while logged on to the site. Users could play games, use other fun applications such as horoscopes, love tallies and typing challenges, find new friends and hunt crushes and guard significant others online. This paper presents the excessive use of Facebook to the study habits of BC 25 students of Silliman...
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