The Effects of Drug Abuse on on Absenteeism, Accidents, Downtime, Turnover, Theft, at the Work Place

Topics: Employment, Addiction, Drug addiction Pages: 1 (313 words) Published: June 27, 2011
Assess the affect of drug abuse on absenteeism, accidents, downtime, turnover, theft, at the work place.

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Drug abuse has a huge affect at the work place. When someone is under the influence of drugs while at work, it decreases their ability to function correctly, or at all. If an employee cannot keep a steady supply of the drugs they need to function then they will often times stop everyday activities, including going to work. Their absenteeism, as one can imagine, hinders the day to day operations of their employers’ business.

If the drug abuser would have their drug supply and would be able to show up to work, they are still impaired. This impairment in judgment and functioning will lead to otherwise avoidable accidents in the workplace. This is very costly for the employer as he/she will more than likely have an increase in liability insurance and will have to absorb the cost of any damages incurred. If the accident is severe enough the employer may have to find replacement workers for any that were injured in the accident.

Downtime may occur if the drug abuser misses a day of work or is injured in an accident and he/she is the only person at the workplace that can perform a certain job duty. Another scenario could be that other employees are pulled from their normal job duties to perform the drug abusers job duties.

Drug abusers are infamous for not being able to hold down steady jobs. This increase in turnover for employers means an increased cost to them. Training new employees can cost tens of thousands of dollars and several months.

Drug abusers may resort to stealing supplies and/or equipment from the workplace to pay for their drug habit. This too, increases the employers cost because they will have to replace to stolen supplies and equipment.
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