The Effects of discrimination on the individual,family or friends of the individual, those who inflict discrimination and the wider society

Social rejection Self-esteem Prejudice

The potential effect effect of discrimination can be emotional and physical. By discriminating against them an individual can feel different to other people. This can leave them feeling isolated with no sense of self worth or self value. Other effects include low self esteem, confusion about their identity, low confidence, fear of rejection, fear and anger. They may feel humiliated and become withdrawn. This in turn can lead to missed opportunities that can affect a persons experiences and impact upon their development. They may in the long term have restricted opportunities, lack of eduction and achievement due to their motivation to learn having being affected, difficulties in communicating and behavioural problems. All of these things can stop the individual from reaching their full potential. Discrimination has a negative effect upon the families and friends of the individual. They may feel isolated and helpless. They may also experience discrimination and prejudice themselves because of their association to the individual victim. It may also discourage them from participating in other parts of society and interacting with others due to fear of further rejection. Those who discriminate against others often do so as they may have experienced discrimination themselves or have experienced people close to them discriminating against others. They too can end up isolated and ostracised as many people will disagree with their views and actions, find them offensive and wish to distance themselves from the discriminator. Their prejudice may lead them to believe that some people are less worthy or inferior than others giving them a false and distorted view of society. Discrimination affects the wider society. It has the potential to reinforce stereotypes that may already exist. It can expose others including children and young people to distorted and false views and assumptions. Ultimately this behaviour may be adopted by them and they may go on to inflict...
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