The Effects of Dependency on Technology

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  • Published : May 3, 2011
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Anthony Schebella
COM 073 4/14/2011

The Effects of Dependency on Technology
Since the days of the industrial revolution, man has always wanted to improve his environment, or to make his life ceasier. Whether it was a way to speed up production of goods, better communication, or just improving and existing idea, man has yearned to exceed his boundaries and push the limits of his abilities. With the invention of the computer and rapid advances in technology, lifestyles have become physically, socially, and economically dependent upon a wide variety of electronic devises. If the technology were lost or became non functional, it would have a devastating impact globally. Beginning with the invention of the wheel and fire, man has strived to improve the way he performs basic menial tasks. Just as he did with the wheel, man has become more and more dependent upon technology to do his day to day work. What started as the industrial revolution has moved into the computer age of manufacturing goods at a faster and cheaper rate. Not only has production been effected by technology, it has spread to a wide range of work related tasks such as sales, where only two decades ago personal contact was the norm, now is done with e-mail and I pads. As well as shipping and receiving where once records were hand written, they are now inputted electronically. Thus it creates a network of human dependency on industrial technology. Even as industry has become dependent upon electronic gadgets so has society’s need to interact. There are a number of devices to help us communicate more efficiently with each other, but at a cost of the personal face to face connection. The number one improvement in social communication is the internet. With instant messaging,...
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