The Effects of Cosmetic Surgery

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  • Published : October 24, 2012
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The Effects of Cosmetic Surgery
In today’s society the way we look is everything. There are specific standards for someone to be considered as beautiful. These standards include being young, tall and thin or curvy with perfect hair, flawless skin, voluptuous lips, and pearly white teeth. Society is highly influenced by magazines such as Vogue and Cosmopolitan, which are well known for featuring top fashion models with pretty faces and slim waists. Many people are turning to cosmetic surgery to fit in. Over the course of years cosmetic surgery has quickly become a new trend not just with women, but with men, teenagers, and children. We have all heard of the saying for beauty you must suffer. But what is exactly meant by the word suffer? Does it mean for the desire to be beautiful one must suffer with irrevocable physical changes such as losing a limb or an arm? Take for example, a young prominent hairstylist sacrifices life for beautification. She is a very well-known hairstylist with a promising future and is described as beautiful by many people. However, she still feels that there is a need for improvement in her appearance. She turns to cosmetic surgery and gets saline butt injections. She finally feels that she living up to society’s perception of beauty but she later suffers from headaches and nausea and goes into a coma. The doctors tell her family that the butt injections had caused her lungs to be filled with blood clots and in order to survive she must have both of her arms and legs amputated. It is human nature to seek approval from other people or to feel accepted. Although, cosmetic surgery seems give people a new found confidence and acceptance. Cosmetic surgery is only temporary and can cause psychological effects, complications, and physical effects. To begin, cosmetic surgery can cause psychological effects on the brain. According to the Medical Journal of Australia the demand for cosmetic surgery is rapidly growing in many Western countries,...
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