The Effects of Colors on Business Advertising

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The Effects of Colors on Business Advertising

The use of certain colors in business is a very important part of successful advertising. Colors influence the mood, attitude, and overall reaction. Many businesses are very much associated with their signature color.

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Colors are a part of everyday life and whether we realize it or not each color affects us in different ways. Color choice is one of the best ways to help give the input and stimulation that our nervous system requires. Colors can change our mood and cause us to feel very productive or just feel tired. Different colors or color combinations and cause irritation and make a person feel sick, while others are calming and healing to the eye. Choosing the right colors for your business is very crucial to its success. There are multiple examples of businesses that have become successful because of their color choices. One of which is the ever so popular McDonald’s fast food restaurant. McDonald’s predominant colors are red and yellow. Red makes for a faster heartbeat and breathing causing a person to want to go faster. This is the successful part of McDonald’s being a fast food restaurant. The color red is also an appetite stimulant causing them to order more food. Yellow symbolizes optimism and happiness. Since McDonald’s slogans have been “We love to see you smile” and “I’m lovin’ it”, they are definitely wanting people to feel positive and happy. The color yellow is also a sign of caution, causing people to be more inclined to stop and “check it out”. This example shows how important it is to choose the right colors for certain businesses. Businesses That Own Their Colors

All businesses are recognized by their colors because it plays a major role in their brand identity. A successful business with use colors wisely to stand out in their market. H&R Block is known for their logo of the green square or...
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