The Effects of Clinical Depression

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  • Published : April 20, 2013
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How does clinical depression affect human beings?

The Effects of Clinical Depression
Mayra Munoz
ENG 121
November 3, 2012

In this essay I will describe what clinical depression is. I will also describe some possible causes that can lead to clinical depression and the effects of falling into it. I will emphasize more on the effects of falling into clinical depression by explaining why the case is so severe. I will provide a couple of examples on what the events can lead up to when being in that crucial state and how life threatening it is to be in depression in the long term. Clinical Depression

There are many controversial topics in today’s society. With many incidents, illnesses, and issues around the world we ask ourselves, “Why do things happen? What are the causes, and what are the effects of many things?” We are living in a society where technology not only helps us answer our questions but helps us go beyond investigations. We are able to reach out in order to obtain an answer. One of many controversial topics would be Clinical Depression. Clinical Depression is something that greatly impacts many people’s lives around the world since it is something anyone can fall into. It is a very serious condition. It is also very dangerous as well as life threatening. What Is Clinical Depression?

According to Georgetown University, depression is defined as, “A medical disorder that affects your thoughts, feelings, physical health and behaviors.” (Rost K. Depression tool Kit for Primary Care NIMH grant NH54444) When in depression, one tends to feel sad, blue, unwanted and lonely. People who fall into depression tend to isolate themselves from the rest of the world. It is almost like having your world of color turn into black and white. It truly does create a huge change in people’s lives. Depression is very common in today’s society since anyone is a susceptible host to it. “Each year it affects over 17 million American men and women.” (American...
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