The Effects of Civil War in Kurdistan

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  • Published : November 24, 2010
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Pshtiwan Abdulla
Oct 30, 2010
Writing composition
Mr. Gray

The Effects of Civil War in Kurdistan Generally talking about war will remind us lots of incredible actions that have been happened to many nations. Civil war is one of the most pernicious wars that brings calamity to a nation. As many other countries, civil war in Kurdistan left many incorrigible issues which some of them still exist. Some of these problems are huge obstacle in the way of development in Kurdistan. Gaining supremacy and disclaiming each other between the two dominant parties were the factors to befall this ruinous war. During the civil war, Kurdish people were encountered many social, economical and political crises. Some of the negative effects that Kurdish civil war had were, dividing the Kurdish government, leaving native soil, losing countless of people, creating instability of economic growth and coming external interferences. Dividing the government into two parts in Kurdistan was one of the biggest troubles that harmed people. In that time, Kurdistan was divided into two governments, Sulaimani government and Hawler government, that each of them had its own conditions and rules. Having two antagonist local governments facilitated the way for doing some crimes and criminal actions. For example, if a man who had committed a sin or robbery in one of the regions, he could escape there and stay in the opposite region without any threat. The governments were not judging anyone who had done a fault in the contrary government. Furthermore, some families had no chance to stay in a part that their party had left, so thousands of families were forced to leave their homes and businesses. Immigration and leaving motherland was another dreadful affects that civil war left. Young generation, who is the dynamic force in all societies, left their country and settled in European countries. Thereupon,...
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