The Effects of China’s Large Population

Topics: Overpopulation, Demography, Natural environment Pages: 2 (676 words) Published: April 3, 2011
the Effects of China’s Large Population
With the rapid development of science and technology, population and development have further become important issues, which are the general subjects of international community. By the end of 2008, China has reached a population of almost 1.35billion (excluding the population of Hong Kong and Macao Special Administrative Regions and Taiwan Province), accounting for about 21% of the world’s population. China has the largest and one of the densest population in the world. Although it offers the country abundant labor resources and broad markets, an excessive population also brings negative effects. China’s large population is undoubtedly the primary factor in causing these following problems and contradictions. For one thing, an excessive population brings about a series of social issues. First, it restricts economic growing seriously. An unbalanced development has appeared in China for a long time. Economic disparities between different regions are increasing. China’s GDP stands at a high point in the world, but the amount on average still stays at a low level. Besides, an aging population has already affected the society. Stress on welfare becomes greater because of large expense on pension benefits and medical security. As a result, outlay on national defence budget will be influentially reduced. What’s more, populace which contains different minorities and religions will easily cause conflicts and contradictions, which can hinder the progress towards harmonious society. Finally, it’s hard for everyone to benefit from education, China’s lower quality of population leaves a negative image on many foreigners. That is another factor which inhibits development of the country.and rities ly . In the second place, most environmental problems are closely associated with a large population. Chinese need huge requirements on food, accommodation and resources. Thus, trees are cut down and rivers are filled up with...
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