The Effects of Cell Phones Among the Youth in the Contemporary World and Culture

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  • Published: April 14, 2013
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Assignment 3
13 March 2011

The effects of cell phones among the youth in the contemporary world and culture

Technology has transformed the way in which people live all around the world. Many functions of life, such as long distance communication, have been affected since the early invention of cell phones. These mobile devices assist us with our daily activities and have made it easier to manage all aspects of life. In the past, significant inventions such as email, television, radio and the Internet, have changed the way we live. The cell phone has become a staple of life as it ensures a more efficient way of living for people on the go. These machines have provided a definite improvement in the way we communicate with each other, as well as in the speed with which this is done. That being said, cell phone communication also has negative aspects to it. People are losing the personal, face-to-face interaction that direct conversation requires. One can now literally be homebound and still ‘socialize’ with other people over the cell phone. Although cell phones bring solutions to society, they also carry many problems with them. While the invention of the cell phone has changed the world in which we live in a positive way, it can be argued that the extreme use of these devices is detrimental to society, particularly to the youth. Since we do not always hear about these negative effects that this problem brings, it is of the utmost importance that society becomes aware of the detrimental effects of cell phones. Many have said that these devices are so detrimental that they have formed a new addiction that can be compared to that of cigarettes or caffeine. Lauren D. LaPorta Writes in her article, “Cellular Telephones: A New Addiction?” that “As early as 2000, reports began to appear that suggested a link between the decrease in teen smoking and the simultaneous increase in cell phone use by the same age group-in essence, a substitution of one addiction for...
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