The Effects of Bullying Can Cost A Life

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  • Published : May 25, 2005
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It was a bright sunny Saturday morning. All the neighborhood children were playing soccer at the homeowners' picnic. There was a new kid on the block; a quiet fellow by name of Mustafa. I saw him sitting with him mother the whole time. He never came to play with the other children. I automatically termed him a ‘mama's boy'. So I invited him to play with us. At first he refused. Ultimately him mother convinced to come and play with us and that we were really harmless and that it would be really good for him.

What nobody else knew was that I did not invite him to play because I wanted to play with him. I only wanted to make fun of him, and for that I needed him to leave his mother's lap. As soon as he came to play I started to make fun of him. On hearing what I had to say about the innocent kid, all the others joined in teasing him. It was the first time that boy had come to play with us and we made him cry.

Now the nickname ‘glue Mustafa' (because he was always glued to his mother) stayed with him for a very long time. Eventually he got fed up. He told the other kids and me on many occasions to stop teasing him. He could not complain to anybody because nobody thought it was really that bad. And so he decided to take matters into his own hands. He figured that the only way he could defend himself was to be part of a gang. And so at the tender age of 14 he was already a part of the ‘Iggypura'.

Good morning to you all. I want to tell you about bullying little children in school. Bullying can have a far worse outcome on the student than we could ever imagine. According to Time magazine, approximately 47% of sixth graders admitted to being bullied at least once in five school days. According to news 14 Carolina, victims being bullied may experience isolation and lower grades immediately and in the long run have higher levels of depression in their early 20's and fewer friends.

Kids can be surprisingly cruel these days. Sometime the kids pushing another...
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