The Effectiveness of the Retention Policy in the Accountancy Program of Adamson University

Topics: Certified Public Accountant, Uniform Certified Public Accountant Examination, Student Pages: 16 (4722 words) Published: November 13, 2012

A Baby Thesis
Presented to the faculty of
Adamson University
College of Liberal Arts
English and Foreign Languages Department

In Partial Fulfilment
Of the Requirements in
EN212 Technical English

Bambalan, Claudine A.
Mangalino, Cezar Alvaro II S.
Marcelo, Kharlo Q.
Miguel, Rizza Anne F.

October, 2012
Approval Sheet

In partial fulfilment of the requirements in EN212 Technical English, this baby thesis entitled “The Effectiveness of the Retention policy in Accountancy program of Adamson University” written by Bambalan, Claudine A., Mangalino, Cezar Alvaro II S., Marcelo, Kharlo Q. and Miguel, Rizza Anne F. is recommended your approval.

_____________________Bryan Eli B. Sadorra, M.A.
Date Adviser

Oral Examination

Accepted and approved with a grade of ______________________________________.

Member Member

Chapter 1
The primary objective of the Accountancy course in Adamson University is to provide a means for students to acquire: the knowledge, proficiency, and intellectual abilities to provide services of the minimum scope and quality which the public needs and has right to expect from an entry level professional accountant; and the capacity to grow and develop into a fully qualified professional accountant able to function in a global economy. In order to make this objective possible, the Adamson University, Department of Business Administration in particular; has provided a retention policy in the Accountancy program. It aims to heighten the standard of the course syllabus of the said program. This was approved in order to challenge and improve the performance of the accountancy student.

The retention policy has been implemented for several years now, and the retention grade was 2.75 equivalents to 73-75 but it was changed and was increase into 2.5 equivalents to 76-78 just the recent year. This was implemented in order to prove how effective the retention policy in the performance of the accountancy students in Accountancy program.

The retention policy in the Accountancy program examines the retention standards for the students of Accountancy which are predictive of an examinees success in the Certified Public Accountant Licensure Examination. This study assesses the effectiveness of the existing admission and retention policies of Adamson University and to present an analysis of the result. STATEMENT OF THE PROBLEM

Major Problem:
What are the effects of the retention policy in Accountancy Program of Adamson University? Minor Problem:

1. What are the demographic profiles of the respondents in terms of:
A. Age;
B. Year Level;
C. Status?
2. What are the effects of the retention policy in Accountancy program of Adamson University in terms of: A. Core subject;
B. Professors;
C. Time;
D. Drive;
E. Competitiveness;
F. Learning Strategies; and
G. Health?
This study aimed to determine whether the retention policy in the Accountancy Program in Adamson University is effective in preparing the students. As future Certified Public Accountants, the students should be able to meet the needs of the business world in terms of its financial aspects. It also aims to identify the areas which the retention policy greatly affects.

Results of this study have particular significance for students, faculty and administrators of the Accountancy Program in Adamson University in influencing the current policies and curricula implemented in the BSA program.

This study focused only to the freshmen and sophomore students who are currently enrolled in the Academic Year 2012-2013 in the program...
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