The Effectiveness of Leadership and Management

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Analyze the Effectiveness of Leadership and Management
Leadership/Problem Statement
In todays society leadership and management in workplaces are shown on both positive and negative perspectives. In this research paper I will be discussing the effect of leadership styles and management that can be shown in a positive perspective in todays workplace. Provide the differences between effective management and effective leadership. Also, I will be discussing the charismatic, transformational, and authentic perspectives on leadership. Last, I will evaluate myself as a manager; discuss my strengths, weaknesses, and my future goals as a manager. Use of Problem Solving Model

Most people think management and leadership mean the same, although they appear to be totally different meanings. Management is the process of working with people and resources to accomplish organizational goals. When using a problem solving model, it breaks down the process in which you take steps in becoming a great leader. When people show great leadership it always makes a great progression in life.

“Leadership and management have a lot in common. Both require a unique balance of skills-personal charisma, a big-picture perspective, and the ability to oversee the implementation of specific programs or strategies. If you lack management skills, your leadership may falter, and if you have leadership skills, you will not be the best manager. Essentially, managers have subordinate; leaders do not. Managers are in a position of authority over their subordinates. While managers and leaders both have specific roles and responsibilities within a company, at times each must take on the role of the other and become leader/managers, in order to fully reach their potential. Here are ways to demonstrate leadership skills: 1. Set a vision for your organization. 2. Implement a strategic plan to meet the goals of all programs. 3. Communicate effectively. 4. Manage meetings. 5. Be a decisive and competent decision-maker. 6. Be an effective planner. 7. Delegate effectively” (Milios, 2011).

The use of a problem solving model can be very helpful in making decisions and being effective when making decisions. Below is a problem solving model that can be very helpful when showing leadership: Image Source Page: Leadership is the management function that involves the manager's effort to stimulate high performance by employees. The comparison of management and leadership is they they both show managerial skills. Managing and leading people can be an ultimate goal for any establishment.

“This style of leadership is high on execution but low on imagination, meaning that the leader will be heavily involved in directing the team, fully in charge and telling people what to do. On the other hand, he will not be discussing the pros and cons of the decisions he is taking, nor spending much time listening to the team members' opinions. This is the 'commando' or the sales force leader style. There are times when leaders should take over and do things themselves “(Casse, Claudel 2011).

3 Research and Clear Decision Solutions

People today must have special managing skills in order to manage in the working community. People who are involved in management are trained to lead their workers to organizational goals. Different types of jobs must be reached within a given time period. Leadership is very different from management. Leadership can be shown from one coworker to another. People do not have to be in management to show leadership. Leadership can be shown from one employee to the next.

“Leader empowering behavior is an important criterion for leadership effectiveness. However, virtually no...
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