The Effectiveness of Community Correction Programs

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  • Published : October 1, 2012
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Community Corrections Paper
University of Phoenix

Community corrections supervise offenders in communities and work release facilities. Community corrections will provide guidance, support, and programs for all offenders that are returning to the community. They will hold all offenders accountable to their imposed conditions. The correctional department is one of the functions of our criminal justice system and they are responsible for ensuring the sentencing received by the offender is served. Corrections in the community will help the offenders become better citizens within the community and become more productive. (Bureau of Justice Assistance)

The effectiveness of the community corrections can impact not only the community and the state, but it can impact the whole criminal justice system. Today, the correctional systems in most of the states are facing big challenges. Because the United States has the largest prison population in the entire world and only continues to grow, the correction systems are experiencing major offender overcrowding. Due to the overcrowding, the response has been to build more prisons, in result of that it has increased the amount of taxes we have to pay. (Bureau of Justice Assistance) Overcrowding also imposes a threat to the safety of the public when these offenders are released on parole or probation due to overcrowding issues. (Bureau of Justice Assistance)

Community Corrections is intended to ensure that all guilty offenders comply with their imposed sentence and provide a service and program to help them become better citizens and improving their lives, but when these programs do not work or is cut off the offender may end back in the system. (Community Corrections) Prisons that are overcrowded create a challenge with the types of services and programs received by the prison population as well as the living conditions of the facilities. Due to this there are not enough of these resources to make sure that...
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