The Effectiveness of Behavior Modification

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  • Published : January 15, 2012
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The Effectiveness of Behavior Modification
Shontell White
PSY 101
Hai Nguyen

Meriam Webster’s dictionary defines behavior as the manner of conducting oneself. There are different types of behavior, but the most common two are good and bad behavior. There are different consequences associated with the different types of behavior. Most of the time when good behavior is presented, it is rewarded with positive reinforcements, and when negative behavior is presented negative reinforcements are given. Most people look down on those that behave in a negative manner, and most of the time there are punishments given to those who present negative or bad behavior. Punishment is derived from the word punish. The word punish is defined as: to impose a penalty on for fault, offense, or violation. Through the years there has been controversy over whether or not different forms of punishment are acceptable and effective, especially with today’s youth. Lefrancois suggests that systematic reinforcement programs should be used rather than negative reinforcements. In my opinion, the punishment should depend on the incident that occurred (Lefrancois, 2011). I base my opinion on many different life experiences.

“The systematic application of learning principles to change behavior is labeled behavior modification. Behavior modification is widely used in schools and institutions for children with behavioral and emotional problems, as well as in the treatment of mental disorders. Essentially, it involves the deliberate and systematic use of reinforcement, and sometimes punishment, to modify behavior” (Lefrancois, 2011). Behavior modification basically suggests various alternatives using positive reinforcement to try to turn the negative behavior completely into positive behavior. Some of the methods used are: “Try to maximize pleasant unconditioned stimuli in their classrooms. This might involve making sure learners are comfortable, that surroundings are colorful and upbeat, and...
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