The Effective Use of Technology to Improve Student's English Communicative Skills

Topics: Education, Learning, English language Pages: 3 (952 words) Published: October 3, 2012
Topic: Effective Ways Of Using Technology In Improving English Communicative Skill Name: Syafiqah binti Hasram
In an article in The Times on 12th April 2012, Malaysia is classified as one of the countries that are rapidly developing in technology. Along with our neighbor country Singapore, Malaysia is improving in technological industry that has been approved as an effective device in improving education, communicative skill and creative thinking besides serving as nation’s improviser. Ministry of Education proposed the use technology as one of the main sources to improve and empower English speaking skill among primary school students. This proposition, of course were accompanied by agrees and disagreement from various parties. Almost 67% of the objections came from parents who are concern about the negative effect of technology if the policy of using technology in education is enforced. (Ministry of Education, 2009) This is because, the spreading issues of technology’s negative effect has seems to blend into our community. Nonetheless, everything comes with its pros and cons. In preview, we will discuss about how effective usage of technology can improve one’s educational standard.

Television has indeed increase the percentage and improves the academic level of students especially in the age of primary school students. Based on a research by Dr. Lim Yeoh Soon (2010), a professor of Children Development, technology like television can improve one’s academic standard as the most effective visual aids, if use correctly and under strict observation. This is proven with one of the most successful experiment by Dr. Yeoh himself; when 55% of pre-school and primary school students who watched educational and English cartoon programs are brighter and asks more questions than the other 35%. Besides, 40% of them possessed a wider range of vocabulary. Researchers also state that young children can and do learn many things from television. Lesser, Bryant, Alexander and...
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