“the Effective of Reading Newspapers Among Klmu Students”

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3| CHAPTER 1: INTRODUCTION1.1:Statement of Problems1.2Research Questions1.3Research Objectives1.4 Scope and Rational of Study1.5Significance of Study1.6Conceptualization of Concept (Definition of concept)1.6.1Definition of newspaper1.6.2Reading newspaper is an effective tools because get information.1.6.3Develop the language and grammar skills among KLMU students.| 4 - 9| 3| CHAPTER 2: LITERATURE REVIEW2.1Theory use2.2Conceptual / Theoretical Framework2.3Theoretical Framework| 10 - 17| 4| CHAPTER 3: RESEARCH METHODOLOGY3.1 Research Design3.2Location of Study3.3Population and sampling technique3.4Operational of variables3.5Questionnaire| 18 - 24| 5| CHAPTER 4: KEY FINDINGS & ANALYSIS4.1Section A : Demographic4.2 Section B : Newspaper as a norm in everyday life4.3 Section C : Newspapers complement the existing of the internet4.4Section D : Student experience in switch and sharing knowledge sociality4.5 Section E : Method to attract students to read on newspaper news| 25 - 54| 6| CHAPTER 5 : RESULT | 55|



First and foremost, Alhamdullilah, I have managed to complete this academic writing report successfully, in time for submission. I am extremely grateful to Allah s.w.t for lending me the strength and courage to complete “The Effective of Reading Newspapers among KLMU Students”. Without His blessing and His consent, this project paper would have not been in its completed form. Secondly, my sincere thanks and appreciation are expressed to my respected lecturer and supervisor, Dr Nor Azlina Ab.Rahman, for his valuable time in providing me the knowledge and information needed. His commitment, kind assistance and guidance were the key to the completion of this project paper as well as the guideline. My appreciation is also extended to those who have provided me with the significant help for this study namely Redzuansah Bin Baharum, Muhammad Izzat Bin Abdul Rahim and the rest of my friends for their advice, cooperation, support and guidance from beginning till the end of this report. A million thanks recorded to all the respondents for spending their time to answer the questionnaires. Their cooperation in providing the required feedback is priceless and helps me a lot in acquiring information regarding the topic of this matter. Last but not least, my utmost thanks to my family members for their constant prayers and support. Although I have been challenged by many problems and constrains, i am very lucky to have been this early exposure in preparing a project paper and finally use this experience for my future.


Newspapers are a medium purveyor of news and information to all readers regardless of race, religion and ethnicity. As we all know, newspapers are a medium that purveyor of news and information that have long resided in this country and it is very important to the entire community as a medium for them to get news and current discourse. Newspapers are printed periodically their goal is to deliver news and other information up-date, how the facts. Newspapers appear most commonly in daily editions, but also may be issued two times daily or weekly. While the content of different newspapers, it generally consists of a combination of a predetermined news, opinion, advertising and entertainment. Newspapers widely used as a means of communication. It is regarded as the main place to deliver the message or to get information on current events. In the universities, the use of very general newspapers. Typically, newspapers have any information as information that needs to be delivered. It is one of the other methods used as well as news on television to deliver information and key messages would appeal to a wider audience among...
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