The Effect on Water Ecosystem Type on Dissolved Oxygen

Topics: Water, Aquatic ecosystem, Aquatic ecology Pages: 4 (1016 words) Published: March 11, 2013
The Effect of Water Ecosystem Type on Dissolved Oxygen

BACKGROUND- As learned in the previous chapter an ecosystem is a biological community of interacting organisms and their physical environment. In an aquatic environment the eco system can be broken down into three main types of water ecosystems: mesotrophic, eutrophic, and oligotrophic. An oligotrophic aquatic ecosystem holds very little plant life and is considered a “younger” body of water while an eutrophic aquatic ecosystem holds a lot of plant life and is considered “older”; a mesotrophic body of water is somewhere in the middle. Based on the original titration lab done in class (lab 12, using the titration kit) it has become apparent that the more plant life in the water sample the more dissolved oxygen there would be. This is because “Oxygen dissolves into water from two sources: the atmosphere and from plants in the water.” (Texas A&M Agri Life Extension) In our lab we attempted to find the DO in all three aquatic ecosystems, along with a control, to further explore the effect of plant life has on DO.

OBJECTIVES- The purpose of conducting this specific lab is so that we could connect the readings in the text book to the experiments done in the lab, and also go further in depth with dissolved oxygen studies in bodies of water with plant life. •QUESTION& HYPOTHESIS- To answer the questions: “How does plant life such as algae effect DO readings?” and “What is the difference in DO readings between the three aquatic ecosystem types?”, we inferred that if a eutrophic body of water supports a lot of plant life, then it should have the highest DO concentration. Eutrophic water would have higher DO than oligotrophic because a body of water that supports plant life is a body of water that is able to ‘dissolve’ or use the oxygen present in the ecosystem to support plant life. Eutrophic water would also have more DO than mesotrophic water because mesotrophic sustains less plant life than...
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