The Effect of Work Design on Other Organisational Functions and Activities Including Production, Finance, Human Resources, and Marketing Etc.

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  • Published : September 11, 2007
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The effect of Work Design on other organisational functions and activities including Production, Finance, Human Resources, and Marketing etc.

Work Design is closely related to operations management and within this is will have the greatest effect on production, which is an operations function, rather than finance, human resources or marketing which are separate business functions.


Productivity has been generally defined as a ratio of a measure of output to a measure of some or all of the resources used to produce this output. The effect of work design on production will be within the employees involved in producing the goods for a company and the ways to increase their output. Some of these ways will be through job design, job enrichment, job rotation and motivation.

Job design is a concept wherein a worker is given a larger share of the overall production task. This involves horizontal loading, which is where the additional work given to the employee is of the same difficulty level and responsibility as the other jobs that they do. The aim of job design is to give the employee more and different things to do so that they are less bored within their job. From a production point of view an assembly worker would be given responsibility for a sequence of events rather than just one.

Another way that production would change would be through job rotation. This is where employees regularly change their jobs. For this to be effective the worker would have to change to a more interesting job as there is little point in changing from a boring job to another boring job. In production using the example of an assembly line worker again they would switch to a job that is not on the production line, to give them a change of pace.

Job enrichment is also a method of work design that would affect production workers. Job enrichment involves increasing the level of responsibility for planning and coordination tasks, it is referred to as vertical...
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