The Effect of War on Soldiers in the Moon Is Down and All Quiet on the Western Front

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  • Published : October 29, 2012
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In both All Quiet on the Western Front and The Moon is Down, the soldiers deal with harmful effects from the strain of war and fighting. These effects are both psychological and physical. The Moon is Down places less emphasis on this because of the fact that it is a pro-war novel. All Quiet on the Western Front shows more examples of these effects, especially in its focus on the main character. In All Quiet on the Western Front, most of the characters are easily shown to be effected by the war. On the battlefield, the soldiers never know what will happen next, especially when they are in the bunkers. These scenes on the battlefield become very gruesome with blood, gore, and other horrors. Young recruits are always dying, and the soldiers' friends often die in their presence. Even from the beginning of the book, the soldiers begin to stop caring about their friends' deaths, and they no longer take a moment to honor them. When Kemmerich is on his deathbed for example, the soldiers are worried about who will inherit his boots, rather than comforting him. These are only a few examples of the horrors throughout All Quiet on the Western Front which effect the soldiers of the war. In The Moon is Down, the examples of the war on the soldiers are less evident. Even further, they are less descriptive. There is no mention at all of bloodshed, except in a quotation of the prevention of such events. Rarely ever do the soldiers describe how they feel, and when they do, they are very brief. The only time description is seen is during Alex Morden's trial when the medical report states that the man's skull was crushed. This gives the reader a sense of the war having little to no impact on the soldiers.

The Moon is Down is often analyzed as a pro-war novel. It is used as propaganda to support the patriotic act of fighting for your country. It shows that a country does not want to end up being invaded by their enemies. If the conditions of fighting during the war are so...
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