The Effect of Video Games on Children

Topics: Violence, Aggression, Social rejection Pages: 3 (825 words) Published: October 19, 2012
The effects of videogames on children

Today in the world there are many options and ways to entertain children. There are football clubs, movies, television programs, and video games. But there are many activities that are not good for children, who have ill effects on your subconscious and in the way they operate. We know that violence on television has bad effects on children. Psychologists say that there is a correlation between the aggressiveness and violence on television "is as strong as the effects of smoking on your lungs. Are the effects of violence in video games as strong as the attack on television? Psychologists say that children who play violent video games are affected by violent thoughts and feelings after playing.   

Video games were invented in the 70s, and from there, to date, games have become very popular. Children who have between two and eighteen play video games for more than an hour each day. And among boys of eight and thirteen, the average is 7.5%. These data are increasing continuously. I doubt the inventors have provided the numbers of violent games and their effects for children. In the 90s violent video games like Mortal Kombat and Street Fighter were released to the public. Now violent games like Halo, Quake, Vice City, San Andreas, Def Jam and others are top sellers, Xbox, Xbox 360 PlayStation 1, 2, 3, and staff, the Gameboy Advance and the computer include equipment consoles and games played by children. 49% of girls and 73% of children say their favorite games are violent.

For many people, television and video games take away the child caught his inventiveness, he hurt his concentration and therefore their ability to learn. Furthermore it has been believed in doing sedentary activities that have serious consequences for growth, and that when audiovisual equipment damage a child's vision.

Surely all these hours in front of the games have an effect on children. Craig Anderson and Douglas Gentile show that games can have...
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