The Effect of Various Food on a Betta Fish’s Growth

Topics: Siamese fighting fish, Fishkeeping, Goldfish Pages: 3 (942 words) Published: January 27, 2013
Studying the Effect of types of Food on a Betta Fish’s growth Introduction: Before you consider buying an animal or pet for the first time, you should probably to some research on that animal as we did. It’s very important to know what they eat, their environment, and also what you shouldn’t do for the health and safety of your fish. For instance, our fish cannot eat regular goldfish food. We wanted to test out how the types of food effect the growth. As a control, we went for something that has no special ingredients or enriched contents for benefits but still edible for the fish. Different foods have different vitamins that help them with different things so you need to go basic to see a difference. The first fish has regular fish food pebbles, ZooNed micro floating Betta Pellets. Next we found a flakey food that was said to be “nutritionally balanced diet for optimal health, vivid color and vitality”. Tetramin Tropical Flakes was fed to the second fish. For the third fish, we couldn’t find another food with different vitamins. Instead we fed him half of the regular pellets and half of the flakey food.

Background: Betta fish are a fish like no other. As stated before, you CANNOT feed a Betta fish goldfish food. Over feeding a Betta fish is a common problem for its health. Betta fish will each whatever you give them. If they’re full half way through the food, they’ll eat the rest. This can eventually kill them or just make them fat. While it is only as small amount, you only need to feed them once a day. It is okay for a bunch of females to live in the same tank but for males, it can be bad. These male fish fight each other to protect their “territory”. For the sake of this project, we kept them all in a different tank anyways so we know what fish is which, and because we weren’t sure the genders. A filter is an optional thing but we decided not to have them. In the store, they come separately in a little plastic cup. Hypothesis: The fish that was...
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