The Effect of the Method of Sorting on Response Time

Topics: Experiment, Playing card, Design of experiments Pages: 2 (345 words) Published: November 8, 2011
The Effect of the Method of Sorting on Response Time
Sreeja Mani
Professor Jeffery Hamelin
Psychology 213 W

The Effect of the Method of Sorting on Response Time
The purpose of this study is to see whether response time changes when the card sorting condition is manipulated. The more complex the condition is when sorting cards, the higher the response time and vice versa. Method

Participant and Setting
Twenty female college students from Queens College experimental psychology class participated in this experiment to satisfy class requirement. Material
The participants used a 52 deck card, a stopwatch that recorded time to nearest second, and paper and pen for recorded results. Experimental Design
This experiment was within-subject counterbalanced ABBA experimental design. In the trials, cards were sorted in two piles by color (A: red and black), four piles by suit (B: spade, clubs, diamond and heart). Procedure

The students worked in pairs, one served as experimenter and the other as participant. The experimenter shuffled the cards five times for each trial, and handed the deck to the participant. For each trial, the participant placed the first card faced up on the table when the experimenter said “go”, as he or she pressed the stopwatch. The experimenter stopped time when the participant placed the last card on the table. The participant recorded the time after each trial. For trial one, the cards were sorted by color, trial two by suits, trial three by suits and trial four by color. Then the procedure is repeated again by role swapping of participant and experimenter. Results

Sorting by color (M= 45.5 seconds, SD= 6.04 seconds) was significantly faster than sorting by suit (M= 61.8 seconds, SD= 8.33 seconds. The results were significant at t(19)= -8.8 ; p<.0001. The results show that when changing from card sorting by color to suit task, there was a higher response time on sorting suit than sorting color.

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