The Effect of the Different Forms of Acetaminophen on Solubility

Topics: Solution, Solubility, Chemistry Pages: 4 (1185 words) Published: April 29, 2011
Some consumers want to know if acetaminophen dissolves faster in the form of tablets, gelcaps, or caplets in order to get the fastest pain relief. The purpose of this experiment was to find out which of the three tested forms of acetaminophen would dissolve the most over a time period ten minutes. The hypothesis stated that the tablets would dissolve the most over the ten minutes. The hypothesis was tested by dropping ten of each of the forms of the acetaminophen into two thirds a cup of boiling water and observing how much each had dissolved after ten minutes. The data collected supported the hypothesis and the tablets were significantly more dissolved than the gelcaps and caplets. This experiment could be changed by having a component stir the acetaminophen and the water together.

The solubility of medicine is important because the quicker it dissolves, the quicker is can start working. There are many different forms of Acetaminophen on the market. This experiment is an attempt to discover which form of Acetaminophen will dissolve the quickest and most complete. Acetaminophen was accepted for use by the Food and Drug Administration in 1951 (Ogbru 1). It is an analgesic, or a drug that helps relieve a person of aches and pains (Ogbru 1). Acetaminophen is also an antipyretic, which are drugs that lower a person’s elevated body temperature (Ogbru 1). These kinds of drugs are used by many people everyday. Acetaminophen is a compound including: Carbon, Hydrogen, Nitrogen, and Oxygen (Acetaminophen 1). The molecular formula is C8H9NO2 (Acetaminophen 1). N-(4-Hydroxyphenyl) acetamide is the chemical name of Acetaminophen (Acetaminophen 1). Paracetamol, Tempra, and Tylenol are some of the other different brand names used for it (Acetaminophen 1). Acetaminophen is described as a white, odorless powder (Acetaminophen 1). Solubility is the capability of one substance to be dissolved by another (Butt 587). Acetaminophen is a soluble compound;...
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