The Effect of Temperature in Energy Loss in a Basketball

Topics: Energy, Potential energy, Kinetic energy Pages: 4 (1046 words) Published: December 26, 2012
My topic for the science fair project is "The effect of temperature in energy loss in a basketball". Some of my subtopics for my project include the pressure air and

height in a basketball, the material a basketball is made out of and the size of the ball.

Different sports require different size balls to correspond with the correct bounce it needs to be used during the sport. Thats why you would not be able to use a tennis

ball to play basketball because it is too bouncy and a soccer ball because it would be too flat.

When a ball is thrown to to the floor, gravity pulls downward on the ball but while it is on the move, kinetic energy is at work. When the energy-driven ball hits the floor,

the physical forces that are in play flatten and deform the shape of the ball which compresses the molecules that make up tha ball. The Law of Conservation of Energy states that

energy cannot be lost or gained so in this case the energy would have to be transferred. Since a properly inflated ball is normally round in shape, it quickly recovers it's round

shape and the energy involved in this process causes the ball to recover its round shape.

Balls and the surface that it bounces on gets distorted or twisted out of shape when they bounce. Surfaces such as Styrofoam and cork deform as a ball hits against

them and save molecules in the ball from having to do most of the flattening and distorting. In contrast, other surfaces such as metal or ceramic tile acts like a trampoline and

allows the ball to bounce back higher and faster than it originally did.

When a ball bounces it warms up. During the process of a ball bouncing, energy is constantly being convertesd and transferred. An inflated ball such as a basketball

performs better when the temperature is warmer because the air molecules within the ball will expand which will overinflate the ball so that it does not easily lose its shape on

impact. On cooler days, the air molecules...
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