The Effect of Technology on the Environment

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  • Published: April 7, 2013
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The Effect Of Technology On The Environment|
Nishant S. Manohar|

Table of Contents

Chernobyl Disaster7
Technology & Failure7
The BP Oil Spill11
Technology, Failure & Prevention11
The Bhopal Disaster14
Technology, Failure & Prevention14
Three Mile Island Accident16
Technology, Failure & Prevention16
Seveso Disaster19
Technology, Failure & Prevention19


“More and more Americans feel threatened by runaway technology, by large-scale organization, by overcrowding. More and more Americans are appalled by the ravages of industrial progress, by the defacement of nature, by man-made ugliness. If our society continues at its present rate to become less livable as it becomes more affluent, we promise all to end up in sumptuous misery.” - John W. Gardner

Technology changes almost from a day to day basis. The world today is fully and completely dependent on technology. From the pencil we use to write with, to the satellites that revolve around our planet, all is due to technology. Rapid growth of technology in the near future is almost inevitable. Technology keeps the world going. But the society today relies too much on technology and it is something that will only keep increasing exponentially. Below are just a few graphs illustrating the following point.

Graph 1: Use of Technology (Internet Resources)

Graph 2: Mobile Users in %

Graph 3: Internet Users

Although the era of technology has benefitted the society and the world, it has certainly had its downfalls. Our dependency on technology as led to many great disasters and caused many lives in the process. A disaster caused by technology also known as Technology-caused disaster is very frequently and in most cases less perceptible to the society in general than natural disasters. It is definitely...
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