The Effect of Technology on Globalization

Topics: Mobile phone, Internet, Laptop Pages: 5 (1890 words) Published: December 25, 2011
There has been a great deal of discussion in recent years about globalization, its impact has been both praised and criticized. Globalization is defined as the process enabling financial and investment markets to operate internationally, largely as a result of deregulation and improved communications. I believe the technological advances have had a positive impact on globalization. The use of cellular/mobile phones and the internet have allowed easier access to conduct business anywhere in the world. Evidence of globalization can be seen in our everyday lives. Technology in many ways is the driving force because it is probably the most obvious aspect of globalization. Advances in communication technology have changed how business is conducted around the world. Many nations are becoming one global system as a result of globalization thru technology, communications, and e-commerce. History, however, suggests that globalization is as much a political as a technological phenomenon, which can be easily reversed, and has been so in the past. (O'Rourke) I agree that politics does play a role in the accessibility of the Internet. There are some countries who limit what their citizens can do with this technology. By restricting their citizens use of the Internet, I believe that they are doing their country and the world a disservice. The use of this technology allows you to acquire information, goods and services that may not otherwise be attainable. The internet is cheap, pervasive, anonymous, unregulated, and uncensored: it allows for instantaneous communication with potentially huge audiences. Therein lies the argument for and against its use. There are those who argue that the internet is a breeding ground for terrorism and other negative behaviors. The internet allows extremists direct access to their audiences, allowing propagandists to bypass mainstream media outlets and institutions to which they have no access. (Cilluffo, Cardash and Whitehead) I do agree that it does make it a little easier for these groups to recruit individuals by spewing negativity. I also believe that when someone really wants to get a message out, they will find a way. I don’t feel that those of us who use the internet for legitimate purposes should be punished because a small amount of individuals lack morals. Businesses have improved their global competiveness and productivity with more efficient electronic transaction processing and instant access to information. (Zunairah) Younger workers of today were raised on the internet and cell phones. (Bonasia) As a result of this, the workforce is better able to perform their jobs with the use of these technologies. It has been noted that this trend is strongest in China and India where the line between physical and virtual worlds are blurred. China is home to the largest population of internet users in the world and has witnessed increasing creativity and “pushback” from its netizens, the country’s internet environment remains one of the most controlled in the world. China’s 1.3 billion citizens have only a limited ability to access and circulate information that is vital to their well-being and important to the country’s future. (Unknown) The long-term business implications of this trend are still not fully understood, according to Gary Curtis, Accenture’s chief technology strategist. (Bonasia) The U.S., Canada, Brazil, Japan, and Australia think the use of this technology is good. Those in Western Europe believe that it takes up too much time; it’s probably because the technology is not as advanced in their country. Many in the Millennial generation could use mobile devices and computer keyboards before they could even write, notes Curtis. (Bonasia) An example of how the internet can save organizations money is by using services such as SKYPE to do face-to-face interviews with individuals in another state or country. This will save the cost of a flight to the...
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