The Effect of Stress on Our Lives

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  • Published : March 10, 2012
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Stress according to T. Cox (1978) is a perceptual phenomenon arising from a comparison between the demand on the person and his or ability to cope. An imbalance in this mechanism, when coping is important gives rise to the experience of stress and the stress reponse. It is a worry, emotion, natural response of life events, negative and positive which perceive to be unable to cope with or control. A reaction peopel have to excessive or or other types of demand placed upon them, it arises when they worry that they can't cope. It is something that people cope with in their daily life. There are different models of stress from the flight or fight model, a complex series of physiological and biological events triggered in our bodies due to diffreent situations. The elasticity moel can be thought about in relation to different models or materials returning to it;s original shape and size after being stretched. This model can develop our understanding of the effects of stress on people, whereas a piece of metal has no capacity for cognition. Human beings have a range of choices as to how they will react to pressure and strain.

The link between pressure and personality is that everyone has their share of life's strains, pressure and misfortunes. Some personalities are more prone to suffering than others : this trait is easier to be seein in friends and colleagues than ourselves. Two American researchers Drs Friedman and Rosenman have identified two personality types which they have labelled "Type A and Type B", their research has shown that Type A personalities suffer significantly more coronary heart disesase than Type B personalities. There are many causal factors that cause stress on a person, and most of theses effects are positive and negative, they can cause additional problems to an individual's personal and professional life when the mind and mental wellbeing is affected. Most positive causes are childbirth, college life, marriage and purchase of a car. These can cause depression. Negative causes are divorce, discrimination and family demands. These can lead to frustration. These causes are known as stressors and they can be divided into, two broad categories, external and internal stressors. External stressors are the source of stress that people are aware of around them, they create a situation of perceived threat in people's minds and bodies. Stress affects people in various settings like stressful psychological enviroments, physical irritants, like noise, pollution in a socail setting and major life events. Research by Psychiatrists ( Dr Thomas Holmes and Richard Rahe 1976) revealed a list of 45 common stressors each given a number of points. with the most stressful at the top of the list. (death of a spouse being at the top) and the least stressful, being a minor violation of the law. The research indicates that the total score of more than 150 have more than 150 points, have chances that may impact health and score over three hundred in one year indicating that you can have high risks of developing stress related to health.

Internal stressors refer to stressors, within the human body. These stressors can be in our minds and bodies for many years in our lives, they exist in the form of our genetic loading. Such stressors remain in our bodies unknown to us in the form of emptions and physical feeling. Internal psychological stressors are rare or absent in most animals except humans. The psychological effects of stress are measures taken by the body to tackle the stressful conditions. When the body is exposed to stressful conditions, we find ourselves in potentially threatening situations such as sitting a driving test or undergoing surgery, a complex series of physilogical and biological events are triggered in our bodies. This is known as fight or flight response.

The potential causal factors of stress in work place settings are when dealing with work place bullies or co-workers who make life miserable, sexual...
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