The Effect of Sodium Chloride (Nacl) Solution on the Growth Curve of Mungbean

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The Effect of sodium chloride (NaCl) solution on the Growth Curve of Mungbean (Vigna radiata)1

March 10, 2012

___________________ 1A scientific paper submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements in General Biology II laboratory, 2nd sem., 2011-2012. I. INTRODUCTION

Water shortage is a very huge problem in this generation. Steps are taken to make sure that there are enough water supplies in the world for the next few centuries. That is why water substitutes for every aspects of life are taken into study. One of these aspects is the use of salt water instead of fresh water in watering plants. It is important to find water substitute for this since water is needed by plants to grow and undergo photosynthesis. Salt water can be a subject for study if it will work in place of fresh water since there is already an abundant amount of salt water available.

Many varieties of plants are not salt water tolerant. But there are plants that can stand salt water like mangrove since they are near the coast. Other than that, there are newly bred rice varieties that are salt tolerant. It is not impossible to bred a type of Vigna radiata that is salt tolerant and can be a subject of further researches.

The objectives of this proposal are to test the effects of sodium chloride solution on the growth curve of Vigna radiata and to prove that a low concentration of sodium chloride solution is a feasible substitute for fresh water.


From Department of Agriculture-Regional Field Unit II/Cagayan Valley Integrated Agricultural Center, Ilagan, Isabela

Mungbean (Vigna radiata L. Wilzeck), popularly known in the Philippines as mungo or mungbean in other countries and mainly used as human food. It is one of the cheapest sources of plant protein which contains protein ranging from 22-27%. It is also a good source of minerals such as calcium and sodium. Dried mungbean seeds are high in vitamins A & B while the sprouted mungbean are rich in vitamins B & C. Uses

* It is a raw material in th major processes namely: mungbean sprout production; sotanghon manufacturing; hopia processing; dishes like soups, porridge, snacks, bread, noodles and ice cream; * Mungbean starch is extensively used for starch noodles; * Mungbean protein is used to fortify cereal flour

* Crop residues are used for fodder
* It is also grown for hay, green manure or cover crop
Crop Establishment
* Just after harvesting rice:
* Flush irrigate the area and drain excess water
* Broadcast evenly the mungo seeds at the rate of:
* 30 kgs seeds/ha (90-95% germination)
* 35 kgs seeds/ha (80-85% germination)
* 37-40 seeds/ha (75-80% germination)
* If rice stubbles is 10-15 cm high, lightly puddle with mini tractor-drawn the area to help seeds in the stubbles get in contact with the soil Pest Management
* 3-5 days after seed emergence, spray the plants with appropriate insecticides to control beanfly (wilting and presence of pin-holes in leaves at seedling stage are common symptoms) * If high population of weeds (particularly grass) are outgrowing the plants, spray selective post-emergence herbicide like ONECIDE. * Control leaf folder and pod borer by spraying contact insecticide at vegetative stage (10-15 days after planting (DAP), flowering stage (20-30 DAP) and every after pod priming. * Control powdery mildew and Cercospora leaf spot disease with appropriate fungicides starting flowering stage. * Rogue/uproot and burn mosaic-infected plants to avoid spread of virus diseases.  Harvest...
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