The Effect of Propaganda on Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union

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  • Published : September 7, 2007
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During the 1930's the birth of media and technology, such as movies and the radio, gave way to a surge of propaganda in Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union. This new technology made it easier for dictators or governments to get their messages to the public. Propaganda was mainly used to brain wash a country into believing in the leaders ideologies and was also used to disguise the shortcomings of the government.

Propaganda was a very important thing to Hitler because he believed the only reason Germany lost the First World War was because the people didn't fully support the war. Hitler appointed someone to be the head of propaganda so this wouldn't happen again. Josef Goebbels was the in charge of propaganda and believed the best way to reach the people was through radio and movies because the government would no longer have to worry about whether the people were able to read the newspapers, magazines, or fliers.

The government was in control of all of the early German radio stations and Goebbels urged all the broadcasters not to be boring so the people would listen and receive the message. Goebbels would show movies of the collapse Poland, Belgium, Holland, and France to show the strength of the German military. The Nazis also used media to shoe exaggerated pictures of terrible consequences if the allies were to win. As the Nazis were slowed down in Russia and by the allies the Nazis began to use propaganda do disguise their defeats. The German public believed they were still winning each and every battle. The Nazis also portrayed the Allies as evil and ruthless and as the allies began to bomb Germany this only confirmed what the public thought of them. This made Germany more resilient because they began to hate the Allies even more.

Stalin spread propaganda in a completely different way than Hitler in Nazi Germany. Stalin did not trust that the Soviet Union citizens were loyal to him so he seized any radios that were owned by citizens to prevent them...
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